Vanit Fair interview with Emile Hirsch

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Emile mentioned Isabel a few times in this new interview with Vanity Fair about the Mt Kilimanjaro climb. The mentions of Isabel are below, and you can read the full interview with him here.

Mike Ryan: After the initial adrenaline rush of the idea of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro wore off, was there ever a moment in the weeks leading up where you thought, “Holy shit, I actually have to climb Mount Kilimanjaro”?

Emile Hirsch: Yeah. The way I got involved is that I was friends with Isabel Lucas, and I called her when she was working on a movie in Michigan. She told me all about this climb. I said, “Wow, that sounds amazing.” Isabel’s very sweet: she didn’t make climbing Kilimanjaro sound very scary or hard. And I didn’t actually know that much about Kilimanjaro up to that point. So it sounded like this almost glorified hippie hike. It could have been a hill to me for all I knew at that exact moment.

So Kenna called me and talked to me about it. I had a series of conversations with him. Each time I asked him more about it, is started to sound like a much harder endeavor. When I found out it is 19,340 feet and that Mount McKinley was just a couple of hundred feet higher, that really blew my mind. I’d seen Mount McKinley when I was in Alaska shooting Into the Wild. You could see McKinley from about 100 miles away, and it was huge. And I always wanted to climb McKinley. We’d be going to set and I’d be looking at it, wanting to run over there and climb it. This was an opportunity to make up for missing out on McKinley.

In doing research for this interview, I spoke to a friend who climbed Kilimanjaro a couple of years ago. I now know the definition of “scree” [broken rock fragments on mountain cliffs]…

Yeah! I “screed” all the way down. Once I actually got to the summit, I had this realization that I was running pretty low on water because I had given Isabel a good amount of my water—she was really in bad shape and really thirsty and had already finished all of hers. She ended up drinking quite a bit of it. So I had a near empty water supply and realizing I had about four miles of really, really steep terrain and scree. And I had to just kind of scree down the mountain really fast. It became fun, it became like skiing.

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