Final batch of MTV’s SOTSK Documentary screencaps

January 2nd 2011 • by Jess • No CommentsGallery Update, Mt Kilimanjaro Climb 2010

Almost 10 months after I added the first set, I have now added the 2nd set of screencaps from the Summit On The Summit Kilimanjaro documentary that aired on MTV last year! Very sorry for the delay on this 2nd batch – I completely forgot I hadn’t finished them! In this 2nd batch of caps we see the climbers head for the Summit, and how physically demanding it is. Isabel was apparently very faint quite close to the top, and you can see how she’s being propped up by some of the others. Makes her achievement of getting to the top even more admirable! It really is a fascinating documentary. I will upload it to our Video section once I start on that in the near future.

MTV’s Summit On The Summit: Kilimanjaro Documentary – Screencaptures x 116 more

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