Isabel featured in Angus Stone’s new video for “Broken Brights”

March 1st 2012 • by Jess • No CommentsCareer, Other Projects, Videos

Isabel is featured in the gorgeous new video for Angus Stone’s new solo single Broken Brights. Read a bit more about it below, and then watch the clip itself…

We’ll have screencaptures from the video up here over the weekend!

Angus Stone inhabits a Hipstamatic world in the self-directed video for his new solo tune ‘Broken Brights’. It’s a totally lo-fi affair, filmed in California’s Redwood Forest with his partner, actress Isabel Lucas – and we’ve got your exclusive first look at the clip!

“We planned the trip when we first met and it was here we traveled together for the first time,” explains Angus. “I thought I would bring along an old camera and capture some love along the way. With this old camera we didn’t know whether it worked or not as it was film. We knew it clicked over but that was all we knew… so it was a great feeling to get the rolls back some months after and see the footage had marked our time in the woods as a love.”

‘Broken Brights’ is the first song lifted from Angus’ forthcoming solo record which will be out in July. In the meantime, get cosy with this brand new film clip.

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