Old “Home & Away” episodes to be broadcast in the UK for a month

July 17th 2012 • by Jess • No CommentsHome & Away

Great news, old school Home & Away fans! Channel 5 is once again taking a break from showing new episodes during the “summer” months in the UK, and they are going to be showing a selection of older episodes in place of it!

Read a bit more about it below, and find out about the choices of episodes from Isabel’s years on the show (2003-2006) at Channel5.com. Voting seems to have closed unfortunately. None of the selected episodes from Isabel’s years are Tasha-centric (which I am surprised about, given her dramatic storylines), but I am sure she will feature to some degree in a couple of them.

And on this note, I will be getting nostalgic and adding more screencaps from Home & Away to our Gallery again soon 😀

‘Home and Away: From Day One’ will launch on digital channel 5* on Monday, July 30 as the show’s feature-length pilot from 1988 is aired.

Viewers’ favourite episodes from 1989 to the present day will then be played in a Home and Away double bill from July 31 until the series returns on the main channel on Monday, September 3.

Three episodes have been shortlisted for every year between 1989 and 2012. The two most popular episodes from each year will play out weeknights from 6pm on 5*.

Additionally, the episode which ranks in third place will be available to watch exclusively online at Channel 5’s official Home and Away website. This will also be where viewers can vote for their favourite episodes.

Original cast member Ray Meagher, who plays Alf Stewart, added: “Channel 5 is offering UK viewers a real treat this summer. All the classic episodes are here and many of the first appearances from some of the current key cast including Marilyn, Irene, Morag and a slightly younger Alf.”


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