“The Wedding Party” to be released in Aus on October 11th

September 22nd 2012 • by Jess • 2 CommentsThe Wedding Party

We finally have a release date for The Wedding Party! The official twitter for the film announced that it will be released in Australian cinemas on October 11th. Aussie fans, be sure to go and see the film then, and drop back in here afterwards to tell us what it was like! It’s received some good reviews, and is meant to be a very funny Aussie comedy. Isabel plays the Russian wife-to-be Ana in it.

2 Responses to ““The Wedding Party” to be released in Aus on October 11th”

  1. Does this mean it will only be released in Oz, and in cinemas only, or do you think there will be a DVD release??

  2. At the moment it seems to be Oz cinemas only, but I expect/hope they will release it on DVD there as well in a few months.

    As for the US … her previous Aussie film A Heartbeat Away doesn’t seem to have had any release in the US, which doesn’t make me hopeful for this one. HOwever, Wedding Party has shown at a number of festivals around the world, so perhaps it will get enough traction/attention to be taken Stateside. I’ll keep you posted if I hear anything :)

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