Small Style section updates

November 11th 2012 • by Jess • No CommentsSite Update, Style

Just a tiny update for now – I’ve started to get back to work on our Style section, and have updated the Style Rundown page, started the Top 10 Outfits page, and created pages for Screen Looks and Favourite Pieces. The Top 10 Outfits page is a definite work in progress, and could do with your input – agree/disagree with any of the current choices on that page? I’m open to your feedback. I’m particularly looking forward to putting together the Favourite Pieces page because I just love how Isabel wears and re-wears her clothes, so you can probably expect updates to that page soon.

If anyone has any suggestions or things to contribute to our Style section, eg information, quotes, links, tips etc. etc. then I’m ready and waiting to hear from you :)

Expect more Home & Away screencaps, plus Charity page updates, soon too.

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