“Red Dawn” US Box Office week #1 report

November 25th 2012 • by Jess • No CommentsRed Dawn

Congratulations to Isabel and the Red Dawn cast and crew, as their movie opened at an impressive #7 at the US box office this weekend!

One spot further down was Red Dawn, which managed to do rather well for itself despite a troubled history. The remake took in $14.6 million over the traditional weekend and $22.0 million over the Wednesday-to-Sunday period. Distributor FilmDistrict was expecting a five-day opening in the teens. Red Dawn was shot in 2009 for about $70 million by MGM, but following the studio’s much-publicized financial woes, it got shelved indefinitely. After an edit that saw the Chinese villains of the film digitally altered into North Koreans, FilmDistrict picked up distribution rights (for an undisclosed price) and set the release date. Audiences, who gave the film a tepid “B” CinemaScore grade, were 62 percent male and very diverse in age, which suggests that while some patrons bought tickets because of their attachment to the original thriller, other crowds were lured in by new A-list stars Chris Hemsworth (a.k.a. Thor) and Josh Hutcherson (a.k.a. Peeta) — 44 percent of polled moviegoers listed “Actor in a lead role” as their reason for attending the film. FilmDistrict says that the film played best in the South, especially in Texas and surrounding states.

1. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 – $43.1 million ($64.0 million in five days)
2. Skyfall – $36.0 million ($51.1 million)
3. Lincoln – $25.0 million ($34.1 million)
4. Rise of the Guardians – $24.0 million ($32.6 million)
5. Life of Pi – $22.0 million ($30.2 million)
6. Wreck-It Ralph – $16.8 million ($23.0 million)
7. Red Dawn – $14.6 million ($22.0 million)

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