Isabel talks to The Sunday Telegraph about Linneys

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Linney’s jewellery ambassador Isabel Lucas follows in the footsteps of Jessica Marais and Jason Dundas as Linney’s jewellery ambassador

WHILE some stars would lend their faces to anything for a pay cheque, Isabel Lucas says she’s a little more scrupulous when it comes to product endorsement.

The Aussie actor, a passionate environmentalist, is this year’s Linneys jewellery ambassador, following in the footsteps of Jessica Marais and Jason Dundas.

“I have been offered things but tend to turn them down if they don’t resonate with things I believe in,” she says.

“Like leather. I’m vegetarian so it’s not in line with my beliefs so I’m not going to promote something like that.”

Lucas wore a wig for the jewellery brand’s campaign shoot, having chopped her long blonde locks into a short pixie cut last month.

The 28-year-old says, unlike some of her peers like Melissa George, she’s extremely proud of her time on Home And Away.

“I have really fond memories of Home And Away,” she says.

Lucas is set to appear in upcoming drama Knight Of Cups alongside Natalie Portman and Christian Bale and the thriller Careful What You Wish For.

More “Home & Away” episode screencaptures

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I’ve taken a break from searching and collecting Home & Away episodes to add screencaptures from another 5 episodes. These are all episodes from 2005 – I’m just capping them in episode order now. Again the quality isn’t perfect, but there are some cute shots of Izzy as Tasha in here!

Episode – #3904 x53
Episode – #3906 x106
Episode – #3907 x42
Episode – #3910 x31
Episode – #3920 x21

“Home & Away” episode guide updated

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After a bit more work, I have now completed our 2004 Home & Away episode guide page! Mini episode synopses for all episodes that we have screencaptures from / that are available online from the show’s 17th season have now been written. These are intended to give you an idea of what Isabel’s character Tasha got up to during her time on the show … however, if you plan to watch the episodes themselves sometimes then be warned that these synopses do contain spoilers!

I have a couple of additional fun things to add into these episode guides, but firstly am going to focus on completing them + our screencaptures from the show – not a quick task, unfortunately! After that is all done I will add more touches and info about Tash to the pages.

Look out for more screencaptures & episode guide updates in the next week or so, time permitting. I am going to be ambitious and aim to get the Charity page done this week too.

Miscellaneous “Home & Away” episode clip screencaptures

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As I mentioned in our previous update earlier today, I recently came across some short clips from miscellaneous Home & Away episodes on You Tube, and I have now added screencaptures from them to our Gallery. They are all clips from episodes that are not available in full, and most of them are from Isabel’s first few months on the show. The quality is very poor, but again, better than nothing.

The last one (Miscellaneous Clip #8) is particularly cute – Tasha and Robbie’s first kiss! – so I will point you directly to it here on YouTube.

Miscellaneous Home & Away episode clip screencaptures

More “Home & Away” episode screencaptures

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It’s a cold (almost-)winter’s afternoon here, so what better escape than some old Home & Away?! Screencaptures from another 4 episodes have been added to our Gallery for your viewing pleasure. Again the quality isn’t ideal, but they’re better than nothing, I think!

For those interested in specific episodes, we now have caps from all episodes I can find up to #3902. I will continue on searching and capping from #3902 onwards now. I’ve just come across a few miscellaneous clips from older episodes on You Tube, so I will probably add them next. They’re short clips from episodes that unfortunately aren’t available in full, but young Tasha is so lovely it’s definitely worth adding them.

I’ve also changed around the Home & Away gallery section so the screencapture categories are a bit more organised.

Episode – #3882 x101
Episode – #3883 x56
Episode – #3888 x84
Episode – #3890 x37

“Home & Away” screencaptures – 5 more episodes

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Everything is quiet in Isabel-land at the moment, so I thought it was a perfect time to get back into screencapping Home & Away! Over the past few days I’ve added caps from another 5 episodes, which are listed below. Most of these are from about half way through her time on the show, and she looks adorable! I will be continuing to go through available episodes from #3882 onwards, so expect another batch of caps to be added over the next few days.

Admittedly the quality of the screencaptures is not ideal, but I still think we’re lucky to be able to get so many of Isabel’s episodes, so I hope you can enjoy them regardless … I know I do :)

Episode – #3977 x5
Episode – #4103 x67
Episode – #3877 x113
Episode – #3878 x129
Episode – #3881 x140

Isabel at the Los Angeles premiere of “Nobody Walks”

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Isabel looked extremely pretty in pink at the Los Angeles premiere of Nobody Walks on Tuesday night! She walked the red carpet in a little pink dress with a flower embroidered on the front, with red lips and her blonde hair subtlely clipped back. Isabel accompanied her former Home & Away co-star Rhys Wakefield to the premiere, as he appears in the film. (Speaking of the film, you can read about it here if you want to.) I really love this look on Isabel – I think everything looks just right! What do you think?

Over 70 beautiful HQ photos have been added to our Gallery for you to enjoy. Big thanks to my friend Luciana for helping me get most of them.

(Doesn’t she have such a lovely little smile!?)

“Nobody Walks” Los Angeles Premiere x72

Old “Home & Away” episodes to be broadcast in the UK for a month

July 17th 2012 • by Jess • No CommentsHome & Away

Great news, old school Home & Away fans! Channel 5 is once again taking a break from showing new episodes during the “summer” months in the UK, and they are going to be showing a selection of older episodes in place of it!

Read a bit more about it below, and find out about the choices of episodes from Isabel’s years on the show (2003-2006) at Voting seems to have closed unfortunately. None of the selected episodes from Isabel’s years are Tasha-centric (which I am surprised about, given her dramatic storylines), but I am sure she will feature to some degree in a couple of them.

And on this note, I will be getting nostalgic and adding more screencaps from Home & Away to our Gallery again soon 😀

‘Home and Away: From Day One’ will launch on digital channel 5* on Monday, July 30 as the show’s feature-length pilot from 1988 is aired.

Viewers’ favourite episodes from 1989 to the present day will then be played in a Home and Away double bill from July 31 until the series returns on the main channel on Monday, September 3.

Three episodes have been shortlisted for every year between 1989 and 2012. The two most popular episodes from each year will play out weeknights from 6pm on 5*.

Additionally, the episode which ranks in third place will be available to watch exclusively online at Channel 5’s official Home and Away website. This will also be where viewers can vote for their favourite episodes.

Original cast member Ray Meagher, who plays Alf Stewart, added: “Channel 5 is offering UK viewers a real treat this summer. All the classic episodes are here and many of the first appearances from some of the current key cast including Marilyn, Irene, Morag and a slightly younger Alf.”

“Home & Away” episode #4164 screencaptures

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Today I have added screencaps from Home & Away episode #4164 – in this episode Tasha tries to support Robbie in his studies, as he tries to support her with her morning sickness and pregnancy, but it all gets too much for him and after losing his assignment he explodes and reveals he blames Tasha for all their current struggles, only for Tasha to overhear him.

Updates will be slow in the next week or so leading up to Christmas, because of the busy holiday season, but I will be continuing to work on content, Home & Away screencaps and more asap after Christmas Day (or sooner, depending on time!). For now, enjoy the new Home & Away caps:

Home & Away > Episode – #4164 x113

“Home & Away” screencaptures – episodes #4155 & #4156

December 1st 2011 • by Jess • No CommentsGallery Update, Home & Away, Videos

Ready for more Tasha goodies? Today I have added screencaps from two more Home & Away episodes – #4155 and #4156 from 2006. They are both quite Tasha centric episodes, particularly #4156. In these episodes we see Tasha dealing with morning sickness and the secret surrounding her pregnancy, and then the revelation that she killed Summer Bay’s much hated mayor, Josh West. More info on these episodes will be added to our Episode Guide in due course.

And what’s more, I’ve found episode #4156 on YouTube, and have embedded it further down this post for your viewing pleasure:

Over 600 screencaptures from these two milestone Tasha episodes can now be viewed in our Gallery:

Home & Away > Episode – #4155 x159
Home & Away > Episode – #4156 x474

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Home & Away #4217 & #4257 screencaptures & videos

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I’ve added screencaps from another 2 episodes of Home & Away today, although they’re not the most cheerful episodes! In #4217, Tasha is in a panic because she thinks she’s going to give birth early while Robbie is still missing after the plane crash, and Jack is the only one who can calm her down. And in #4257, Tasha does give birth, but she finds it hard to connect with her new baby. So there are lots of caps of Tash screaming and squirming! These were the last 2 episodes I had saved on my computer, so I will start searching for more (including some more upbeat episodes!) to cap for you soon.

As well as the caps, you can also watch episode #4257 further down this post, thanks to some wonderful YouTube users!

Home & Away > Episode – #4217 x174
Home & Away > Episode – #4257 x115

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“Home & Away” screencaptures – episode #’s 4115, 3911, 3939

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With all the excitement and promotion for Immortals (sadly) dying down now that the film has been released, I thought I’d go back to the beginning and make some more Home & Away screencaps. So today I have added caps from 3 more episodes. In episode #4115, Tash’s best friend Martha pretends to join The Believers cult, in an effort to find out more about them, but she doesn’t know what Mumma Rose has planned for Tasha later that day. In episode #3911, Tasha’s Aunt Josie is getting married, but Tash can’t keep Josie’s unfaithful secret anymore. And the final episode I capped today is #3939 which is very Tasha-centric – Tash wins the Miss Groper beauty contest on her last day in the Bay … her friends and family try to ask her if leaving is really what she wants, but she insists it is, until her boyfriend Robbie steps up and apologises for hurting her.

Some of the caps are not very good quality, but as I always say, we’re really lucky to be able to get any Home & Away episodes online, so I hope you’ll enjoy them none-the-less! More caps and content updates coming soon.

Home & Away > Episode – #4115 x128
Home & Away > Episode – #3911 x119
Home & Away > Episode – #3939 x321

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