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December 27th 2013 • by Jess • No CommentsSite Update

Final update for now is a small content one – the Filmography has been updated, information for Linneys has been written, the Charity page has been updated with information about Isabel’s Wilderness Society/Kimberley coastline work, and new Press interviews have been added. I think that brings our content up-to-date now! The sidebar has also been tidied up.

New interview with The West Australian

December 27th 2013 • by Jess • No CommentsCareer, Charities, Knight Of Cups, Linneys, Personal, Rumoured Role, Site Update

A couple of months ago, Isabel spoke to The West Australian to promote Linneys. She also chatted about Knight Of Cups, and teased us about a new project she is working on! Read the full interview on our press page through the link below…

Isabel Lucas honours the Kimberley

She may be working with Hollywood hot shots Christian Bale, Natalie Portman and Cate Blanchett but Aussie actress, environmental activist and the face of luxury WA jewellery label Linneys, Isabel Lucas, is keeping her feet firmly on the ground.

The 28-year-old co-stars with the Oscar-winning trio in Knight of Cups, one of the most eagerly awaited cinematic releases of 2014 from acclaimed American auteur Terrence Malick (The Tree of Life, To the Wonder).

The tightly guarded film is said to be about a man, temptations, celebrity and excess and shot in an improvised style, without a script.

“Terrence is a man of such integrity and an incredible artist . . . it was such a magical experience and I am so grateful,” the softly spoken, Los Angeles-based Lucas gushes modestly to AAA Weekend.

“And Christian taught me so much and was very generous with me. Cate seems like such a guiding light and so conscious in so many ways . . . I really admire her. And Natalie (also starring in Thor: The Dark World opposite Lucas’ former lover Chris Hemsworth) was so lovely, really kind and sweet.”

As for her burgeoning film career, Lucas is surging ahead with three other US films due for release next year – including a thriller alongside *Nick Jonas *- and an Australian production that has her tight-lipped on the details.

“I can say I’m filming the movie in December in Sydney and I’m really excited but I’m not allowed to say what it is just yet,” she says.

Read the full interview

Small content and “Careful What You Wish For” updates

August 10th 2013 • by Jess • No CommentsCareful What You Wish For, Gallery Update, Site Update

Hello Isabel fans! I’ve made some small updates to the site today, and thought I’d post to give you something new-ish to look at. Mainly, the Isabel With Other Celebrities and Style Rundown pages have been updated, and I’ve updated and/or created pages for Isabel’s 2012-2014 movies including Careful What You Wish For.

Speaking of Careful What You Wish For, I remembered I still needed to add the rest of the official set pictures to the Gallery so have done that now. I also came across a previously unseen picture of Isabel with her co-star Nick Jonas – I don’t know what or when it was taken, or who the other person with them is … but Isabel looks super pretty and glamorous! Check out these latest Careful What You Wish For additions in our Gallery by clicking the preview to the left.

Finally, for some unfortunate and unknown reason we recently lost all of our affiliates – if you were affiliated with us then please let me know (comment here/tweet/email) and/or re-apply and I will re-add you asap!

New paintings of Isabel by Philippe added

June 19th 2013 • by Jess • No CommentsImmortals, Site Update

A big thanks goes to Philippe for today’s update – he has very kindly sent us some paintings he has done of Isabel as Athena in Immortals. I think his work is fantastic, and I particularly love the detail and colour of the two colour paintings – they are gorgeous! Have a look at them on our fanart page, and a big thanks again to Philippe for letting us display his work:

New Gallery layout & small update

April 28th 2013 • by Jess • 1 Comment »Gallery Update, Site Update

A few days after I put up our pretty new layout here, I also put up a new layout in the Gallery! It almost matches the one here, except Flor used a different picture from the photoshoot … a photoshoot I can’t get enough of!

We have a few new gallery additions tonight – mostly photoshoots, including two that I hadn’t seen before, one of which is a super gorgeous, ethereal shot. Click the thumbnails at the bottom of this post to go to our Last Uploads page to see all of today’s uploads.

All Latest Uploads
2011 – Session #005
2010 – Session #007
Unknown – #015
2012 – Session #002

New layout at Isabel Lucas Online!

April 6th 2013 • by Jess • 2 CommentsSite Update

Hello Isabel fans and welcome back to our freshly revamped site! Thanks to the lovely Flor we have a beautiful and long overdue new layout! This one features a photo – one of my favourites – from Isabel’s 2009 photoshoot for Vanity Fair, and I think it showcases Isabel’s natural beauty and persona perfectly. Flor did a great job capturing a beachy feel and customising the layout to our needs, so I hope you all love this new look as much as I do … don’t be shy in leaving a comment :-)

With a new layout should always come new updates, so I will try to get something in in the next few days….

Extensive Charities content page completed!

January 4th 2013 • by Jess • No CommentsCharities, Site Update

After much, much work I think I can now happily say that our extensive Charities page is now complete! I have spent a long time researching all the charity projects Isabel has been involved with, and putting together information on their work and what Isabel has done with them. It’s a really interesting read, and I enjoyed finding out more about these charities. Hopefully you will feel the same way! I continuously admire Isabel for all the charity work she gets involved in, and I’ve noticed that she never sounds more confident than when she’s speaking about them.

The page still needs a little bit of tweaking – I will add in links to related news, photos and videos asap – and given how long it is I may eventually decide to split it up into separate pages. Still, you can now browse through this one page to find out about all the charity work Isabel has done. I hope you enjoy it and find it inspiring!

Music Video page updated; “Give Me Love” set pictures added

January 1st 2013 • by Jess • No CommentsGallery Update, Site Update

Happy New Year Isabel fans – and to Isabel and her family! I hope 2013 brings you all wonderful things :-)

I remembered yesterday that I’ve done a ‘Year In Review’ type post at the end of previous years since we’ve been online, but I figured that because Isabel was so quiet in 2012 it might not be worth it this year. I may put something small up in a few days, if I have time though.

For now, I’ve just updated our Music Videos information page with info on Isabel’s recent starring role in Ed Sheeran’s ‘Give Me Love’ video. Whilst searching for information on it I came across two photos from the filming of the video, one of which is a lovely shot of Izzy posing for the camera. This video was probably one of the stand-out Isabel moments from 2012, right?! Click the thumbnail on the left to view the pics in our Gallery.

“Home & Away” episode guide updated

December 29th 2012 • by Jess • No CommentsHome & Away, Site Update

After a bit more work, I have now completed our 2004 Home & Away episode guide page! Mini episode synopses for all episodes that we have screencaptures from / that are available online from the show’s 17th season have now been written. These are intended to give you an idea of what Isabel’s character Tasha got up to during her time on the show … however, if you plan to watch the episodes themselves sometimes then be warned that these synopses do contain spoilers!

I have a couple of additional fun things to add into these episode guides, but firstly am going to focus on completing them + our screencaptures from the show – not a quick task, unfortunately! After that is all done I will add more touches and info about Tash to the pages.

Look out for more screencaptures & episode guide updates in the next week or so, time permitting. I am going to be ambitious and aim to get the Charity page done this week too.

Small Style section updates

November 11th 2012 • by Jess • No CommentsSite Update, Style

Just a tiny update for now – I’ve started to get back to work on our Style section, and have updated the Style Rundown page, started the Top 10 Outfits page, and created pages for Screen Looks and Favourite Pieces. The Top 10 Outfits page is a definite work in progress, and could do with your input – agree/disagree with any of the current choices on that page? I’m open to your feedback. I’m particularly looking forward to putting together the Favourite Pieces page because I just love how Isabel wears and re-wears her clothes, so you can probably expect updates to that page soon.

If anyone has any suggestions or things to contribute to our Style section, eg information, quotes, links, tips etc. etc. then I’m ready and waiting to hear from you :)

Expect more Home & Away screencaps, plus Charity page updates, soon too.

First stills of Isabel in “Red Dawn”

November 7th 2012 • by Jess • No CommentsGallery Update, Red Dawn, Site Update

I’ve just come across the first stills featuring Isabel from Red Dawn, and have added them to our Gallery for you. We also have a few new international posters.

The film’s official You tube channel has a few trailers, clips & tv spots you might be interested in watching, although everything featuring our Izzy has already been posted here previously.

I will also be updating our Red Dawn film page with links to the trailers etc.

New interview with The Cairns Post

October 12th 2012 • by Jess • No CommentsCareer, Charities, Knight Of Cups, Personal, Site Update

Check out this fantastic new interview with Izzy from the Cairns Post today! In it she talks about Cairns, Sea Shepherd, her agent Sharron Meissner, and – most excitingly of all – her experience on Knight Of Cups. I don’t know about you, but I’ve missed hearing from Isabel, so I really enjoyed reading this!

You can also find it in our Press section now too.

Acting out for the environment

She may be one of Hollywood’s hottest rising stars, but Isabel Lucas remains true to her Cairns roots with her environmental passions.

She’s just wrapped up filming alongside Christian Bale, Natalie Portman and Cate Blanchett, but Isabel’s mind is hardly on Hollywood.

Rather, it’s on the Coral Sea, and the Kimberley in northwest Australia, and off the coast of California… in fact, anywhere the environment is under threat.

The experience of filming alongside three Oscar winners and under the guidance of a director she idolises is barely enough to distract the former Cairns schoolgirl from a passion equal to acting.

While her stomping ground is a far cry from her home in Los Angeles, a move that has helped fill her resume with feature films Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Immortals, The Pacific and Daybreakers, the plight of the Far North’s marine environment remains a priority.

“I feel we are so lucky to experience living in such a beautiful part of the world,” Isabel says of Cairns.

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