Isabel promotes Michael Kors

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Isabel collaborates with MelleSan on headpiece collection

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Remember the stunning headdress Isabel wore in the ‘Bird On The Buffalo’ music video a few years ago? That piece was designed by MelleSan, an independent French designer who makes all her own pieces. Isabel loved her work so much, she has now joined forces with MelleSan to create a collection of crystal headpieces. Isabel has “always collected gemstones and cherish them”, plus, part of the proceeds from sales will be donated to the Australian Marine Conservation Society, so you can see why she wanted to get involved. Read the press release and finds the relevant links to see/buy from the collection below:

Isabel Lucas x MelleSan CAPSULE COLLECTION
Discover Isabel Lucas x MELLESAN Limited Edition Collection of Natural Stones Headpieces.

Actress Isabel Lucas is collaborating with MELLESAN on a capsule collection of headpieces.

After having beautifully worn headpieces from the brand, the actress and the brand have kept a faithful connection and decided to think and work on a selection of creations together.

Using natural gemstones as the main material, such as Amethyst, Rainbow Moonstone and Rose Quartz, these mineral, delicate and precious jewels can be worn in an aerial or in a more structured way as a crown placed on the forehead. The creations offer those wearing them, the freedom to believe in the therapeutic and protective properties and magic conferred on these stones.

View collection:
Shop a creation online:

Email for lookbook and shopping request

working on recovering threatened species, stopping overfishing and creating
marine national parks, places in the sea where wildlife is safe from harm.

Sydney Style Edit Q&A with Isabel

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Big thanks to an anonymous visitor for pointing out this fab new Q&A with Isabel, in which she talks about her style, and how her choices are influenced by her dedication to the environment. There’s also a pretty new picture of Isabel and the blog author, taken back in December in Australia. Because it’s more of a ‘personal’ blog rather than a big commercial one I won’t re-post the interview here; instead, hop on over to Sydney Style Edit to read it for yourself.

Isabel shows off short hair in new picture with fans

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I just stumbled across this new picture of Isabel snapped with fans in Los Angeles, and thought I’d post it here as it looks like Izzy has had her hair cut short! I wonder if it’s for a role, or if she just fancied a change? Either way, I think she looks fantastic! Click the picture below to see it in it’s original size at the Tumblr of the fan who took the pic ….

Isabel at the Christan Dior Sydney Store Opening

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Isabel made her first public appearance of the year this week, at the opening of a Christian Dior store in Sydney. She looked pretty in a very unique and stand-out multi-coloured (orange, purple and green!) dress by Dior, with her hair a new sandy brown shade and natural make-up. I think I may be in the minority, but I kind of like this look on her! What do you think of it?

Christan Dior Sydney Store Opening x10

Small Style section updates

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Just a tiny update for now – I’ve started to get back to work on our Style section, and have updated the Style Rundown page, started the Top 10 Outfits page, and created pages for Screen Looks and Favourite Pieces. The Top 10 Outfits page is a definite work in progress, and could do with your input – agree/disagree with any of the current choices on that page? I’m open to your feedback. I’m particularly looking forward to putting together the Favourite Pieces page because I just love how Isabel wears and re-wears her clothes, so you can probably expect updates to that page soon.

If anyone has any suggestions or things to contribute to our Style section, eg information, quotes, links, tips etc. etc. then I’m ready and waiting to hear from you :)

Expect more Home & Away screencaps, plus Charity page updates, soon too.

Isabel at the Y-3 show during New York Fashion Week

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Isabel dropped into New York Fashion Week on Sunday, attending the fashion show and after party for Y-3. She wore a Y-3 shirt dress with mesh sandals, and one of her favourite and trademark headpieces. She was seen sitting between Anton Yelchin and Jesse Williams during the show. Y-3 must be one of Isabel’s new favourite labels, as she attended their Fall 2012 show during New York’s first Fashion Week back in February.

Browse through pictures – most in HQ – in our Gallery:

New York Fashion Week Spring 2013 – Y-3 10th Anniversary Collection Front Row & Backstage x19
New York Fashion Week Spring 2013 – Y-3 10th Anniversary Collection After Party x2

Isabel Lucas Will Be Proenza Schouler’s Met Ball Date

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Isabel will be attending the Costume Institute Gala (Met Ball) again this year! You won’t have forgotten her stunning coral Louis Vuitton gown and headpiece from last years event. She will again be walking the red carpet at the big event, held this year on May 7th. Off the top of my head, I don’t remember Isabel having worn Proenza Schouler before, so we will be in for an extra treat seeing how she wears them.

It’s Met Ball season again! This means that designers will start “revealing” their dates — usually a model, actress, or model-slash-actress selected by a designer to personally clothe and then pose with on the red carpet. So far, the only major designer/celebrity pairing we know of is Joseph Altuzarra and Lana Del Rey, but there will surely be many more announcements as the date approaches (May 7!). Today we learned that Proenza Schouler’s Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez will escort Australian actress Isabel Lucas, according to a Proenza Schouler rep. Their designers’ date to last year’s gala was Kristen Stewart, a fitting match as she’d just worn their clothes for her February 2011 Vogue cover.

‘Bird On The Buffalo’ video stylist talks to Elle

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Isabel’s stunning look in Angus Stone’s new music video seems to be taking the fashion world by storm, and now have an interview with the video’s stylist, Imogene Barron. It gives us a great insight into the making of the video and Isabel’s fashion sense.

Isabel Lucas, Chanel & Wolves for Angus Stone

Beauty abounds in the new music video for Angus Stone’s “Bird on the Buffalo.” Besides the music—charming, chugging neo-folk from the Australian singer-songwriter—both the background (the video was shot on location at Joshua Tree National Park) and the babe (actress Isabel Lucas, Stone’s real life girlfriend) are true stunners. But what really caught our attention was the clothing, which includes everything from fringed leather jackets and vintage embroidered dresses to lacy Chanel cruise gowns. “It makes your job a lot easier when you’ve got great designers involved,” admits the video’s stylist, Imogene Barron, who added, “It’s really nice that designers have started to support music videos, because they do reach such a larger audience. It’s nice to have another avenue than just editorial and to see the way [the clothing] moves and the way it fits. So I’m really happy that designers are now getting on board with the music side of things.”

ELLE: This music video takes place in the desert and features everything from wide shots of untouched sand dunes to flying owls. How did that translate into something with a high fashion bend?
Imogene Barron: One of my best friends, [designer] Jessie Hill, is the director, and I know Angus and Isabel as well, so it was a family vibe—which is nice to work from. The director and I had a bit of a conversation about it and I looked at mood boards and the treatment and obviously, being Isabel, thought, Let’s push it in the fashion department, because she carries clothing so well and is absolutely stunning. So it kind of went from there, taking inspiration from what the concept is and moving forward. I was definitely given free reign. The only brief I was given, in terms of direction of styling, is that the video takes you on a journey.

ELLE: Let’s talk about the outfits that take Lucas’ character on her journey.
IB: She’s actually wearing a little Lover camisole and shorts in the bed scene, which you can’t really see as much. And then she’s a “real girl” and she’s outside in a little vintage dress and Isabel Marant boots—it’s an achievable look. And then she morphs into this beautiful goddess and we really took it up with the Chanel, which looks amazing on her. The headpiece that she’s wearing with it is custom-made by a French label, MelleSan, and we also had the little necklace with an owl custom made by Tiger Frame.

ELLE: Was the Chanel dress a no-brainer?
IB: I definitely think having Chanel in there was perfect, because the collection reflected what we were trying to achieve. As soon as I saw that collection I thought, We have to get Isabel into that. All the colors of that collection just work so well in the desert setting. So I went to the Chanel cruise collection and there were probably two or three pieces that could have worked, but the combination of the fabrics and the dress work really, really well.

ELLE: Where did you find that white, lace-collar vintage dress?
IB: That’s actually one of Isabel’s dresses! She has an amazing collection of vintage dresses. I wanted to evolve her a bit from being her regular self, but I definitely [also] wanted to reflect her personal style. If I’m working with people I like I often use a bit of their personal belongings, especially when you’re working closely with someone and it’s nice to have an element of them in there. I really wanted that look to be: she’s a regular girl, she’s walking down the street. I didn’t want to put her in anything too evening; I wanted her to feel a bit more raw and organic. Originally we were looking at a couple of other designer options, but everything felt a little too…I wanted the Chanel to really stand out.

ELLE: Did Isabel keep anything from the shoot?
IB: I don’t think so, no. I think that designer might have been making her another headpiece. I’m sure she would have loved to keep the Chanel dress, but unfortunately she had to return that. As would we all, especially if you looked like that!

Isabel in 2012 Human Rights Arts & Film Festival promotional clip

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Isabel has again shown her support to the Human Rights Arts & Film Festival, by appearing in a video promoting their 2012 festival. It’s a typically creative clip, in which we see Isabel paint numerous positive words on herself in a variety of colours. It’s a really lovely video. I’ve also posted the HRAFF trailer at the bottom of this post – it doesn’t feature Miss Lucas, but it does show you clips from the films which will be showing at the festival, which was quite interesting.

The photo I posted here alongside an article about the Rose D’Or Festival is in fact actually a promotional for the Human Rights Arts & Film Festival. Isabel is wearing one of her favourite labels in the clip – Lucy Lane Vintage – and they blogged about her recent work for them and the HRAFF earlier this month:

Whilst we have been moving, another special lady has been doing some promoting of her own for LLV. The ever so gorgeous Isabel Lucas has been wearing her LLV treasures with the latest being a 30 min clip for the Human Rights and Art Film Festival wearing a lilac Daisy May dress. Once I have a copy of this clip I will be sharing it with you all. Watch out on Facebook as I will be posting some Daisy May dresses online at bargain prices. Isabel has been doing some amazing things for LLV so we thank you immensly.

I love how supportive Isabel is of such a variety of causes, as well as local designers.

Isabel appeared in a promotional video for this festival in 2010, too.

Find out more about the Human Rights Arts & Film Festival at their website –

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Isabel attends New York Fashion Week Y-3 Fashion Show

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Last weekend, Isabel made her first public appearance of 2012, at the Y-3 fashion show during New York Fashion Week. She looked urban cool in an ensemble of different blues and bits and pieces, and sat next to fellow young star Anton Yelchin on the front row. Y-3 is a label owned by adidas, and according to is known for it’s “edgy takes on the basics of athleticwear”. Read more about the label at and visit their official site.

Photos from this appearance have now been added to our Gallery (sorry for my delay on them, I got a bit side-tracked last week!)…

New York Fashion Week – Y-3 Front Row & Backstage x19

Isabel on 1950s Hollywood style

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This news article about todays starlets appreciating 1950’s style has just popped up, featuring a new quote from our Izzy. I don’t know where the quote came from but nevertheless, read on:

1950s Hollywood style appeals to today’s starlets

Fashion is coming full circle with red-carpet starlets ready to embrace the flared skirts, longer hemlines and loads of red lipstick coming their way in the new year. They’re looks that give a wink to Hollywood’s glamorous heyday of the 1950s, and stars far too young to find these styles old are eager to bring them back.

Eva Longoria is into the trend she calls “flirty.”

“I think of great hair,” Longoria said. “The great falls and the red lipstick, and definitely the full skirts. I think it’s flirty. The ’50s are flirty.”

Visions of Americana pop into Isabel Lucas’s head: “I think of the iconic all-American girl with the small waist dresses, and ‘Grease’ with the little ribbons around their neck.”

Maybe she just saw photos of Miuccia Prada’s spring collection, which revved up its runway with inspiration from vintage cars.

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