Alter Eco (TV) (2008)

Isabel as herself


Writer: Kelly Greaney and James Smith-Hill
Co-starring: Adrian Grenier, Boise Thomas, Darren Moore, Angela Lindvall, Nathan Turner
Genre: Documentary
Filming: Isabel spent a few months in early 2008 filming this. It was shot in Los Angeles.
Budget: $2.5m
Viewing figures: Unknown
Runtime: Each episode lasted 30mins


This 13-part series follows Adrian Grenier and his “green entourage” as they help all kinds of folks — from celebrities to average Joes — take small steps to live more environmentally sustainable lifestyles. The press release says that the “new series shows viewers how easy it is to embrace the green life and reduce their carbon footprint — all with a sense of sustainable style.”

Alter Eco is an eco lifestyle and makeover series presented by Adrian Grenier and his team of green activists, experts, friends, and musical guests.


International Release Dates

US – Premiered on June 9th 2008 on the cable channel Planet Green



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• Isabel assisted with the creation and filming of this show, as well as appearing in it, although it is unknown how much she appeared in the end.
• Isabel was dating Adrian Grenier at the time this documentary was in production, which possibly explains her involvement.


Quotes From Isabel, Cast & Crew

» Isabel Lucas“I’m helping out wherever I can because I think it’s a fantastic concept. Adrian has always been ecologically conscious and we definitely relate on that.”

» Isabel Lucas“There’s been a few episodes when I’ve come on board. It inspires the viewer. You know, they ride their bikes everywhere and get organic food. It’s really tangible. He does interview a lot of people and I’ve learnt a lot from it.”



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Isabel did not do any promotion for this documentary.


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