Mini Episode Guide – 2003

Read brief recaps from the Home & Away episodes we have screencapped in the Gallery. Click the thumbnails on the left of each recap to see the screencaptures for that episode.


2003 – Season 16

– Episode #3565
Original Air Date: August 1st 2003 (Aus) / Unknown (UK)
Max is still excited about discovering a mysterious ‘mermaid’ on the rocks at the beach, and tells his family about her – who then laugh at him. Next morning Max takes a walk along the rocks, bringing some food with him for the mermaid. As he walks along the rocks she spots him and runs off, but falls and hurts her ankle. Local doctor Flynn spots them and runs to help, and then takes her back to his surgery. When she wakes up she tries to run off, but Flynn stops her. He later tells his wife Sally that the police took her off to hospital.


– Episode #3610
Original Air Date: October 3rd 2003 (Aus) / Unknown (UK)
Tasha has now joined school, and is sitting in class about to start the lesson when someone notices there is a fire in a bin at the back of the classroom. Tasha freaks out and starts screaming but Irene notices the commotion as she is passing the classroom and tries to comfort Tasha by holding onto her. Tash doesn’t like this and pushes Irene away from her, knocking her down. We later see Irene and Tasha at Flynn’s surgery, and he says she isn’t talking because she’s regressed because of the fear. Back at Irene’s house, Irene and Flynn talk about Tasha’s state – they know that the fire reminded her of her parents dying in a fire, but Flynn says he thinks she needs more help than they can give, much to Irene’s dismay. Kit is also upset at the thought of losing Tash, and later, as Tash is sitting in silence at home, Kit tries to talk to her and sings her a song … and then takes Kit’s hand. When Irene gets home later she finds Kit and Tash watching TV and it looks like Tash is coming round.


– Episode #3630
Original Air Date: October 31st 2003 (Aus) / Unknown (UK)
Josh pursues Tash and Kit at the beach as he wants to write a story about Tash to make her (and him) money. They walk off and ignore him. He later goes to the Beach house to say goodbye to Tash, and tells her she could be huge if she left Summer Bay, as it is holding her back. Vulnerable Tasha thinks about this, and complains to Kit that Irene doesn’t understand her – later that day Tasha decides she is leaving, and when Kit tries to stop her Tash pushes past her and knocks her down, but then feels guilty.


– Episode #3647
Original Air Date: November 25th 2003 (Aus) / Unknown (UK)
Tasha is out walking in the woods, and bumps into Max, who asks her why she is always out there. She says that she “belongs” there and “knows how to be” there. As they walk along together they talk about Max’s friend Eloise who recently died – he says he ‘talks’ to her, and Tash says that’s not possible because she’s dead. We later see Tasha and Max using a rope to get down a mine shaft where Max wants to build a shrine to Eloise. Tash tries to understand why this is so important to him. She is later seen walking along the beachfront, where she bumps into Scott, Kit and their brother Robbie, who has just arrived in the Bay. Robbie tries to introduce himself but she ignores him and keeps walking. Wondering what he did, Robbie is told by Scott that Tash is a bit of a ‘mystery’. Robbie is fascinated and transfixed. When Tash sees Kirsty she tries to apologise for hurting Kane. Kirsty is hostile back, and says Tash has to learn to trust people. Tash is still very naive, and asks Kirsty if if someone tells you a secret it means they trust you, and she asks Kirsty if she’ll be her friend if she tells her a secret. Kirsty responds saying it depends what the secret is, and Tasha naively tells Kirsty about Max’s secret shrine.


– Episode #3650
Original Air Date: November 28th 2003 (Aus) / Unknown (UK)
Flynn returns from the city after going there to find out more details on Tasha’s birth parents. When he turns up at the Beach House to see Irene, Tasha eagerly asks him if he found anything out about her parents and he lies to her, saying no. Tasha is disappointed. Later, when he does catch Irene at the house he reveals to her that Tasha’s mother is Angie Russell, the woman who ruined the lives of some of Summer Bay’s residents; Flynn and Irene look on at Tasha, and wonder what she must really be like, as the offspring of Angie.