Immortals (2011)

The Gods Need a Hero

Isabel plays Athena


Director: Tarsem Singh
Writer: Charles Parlapanides, Vlas Parlapanides
Co-starring: Henry Cavill (as Theseus), Mickey Rourke (as King Hyperion), Freida Pinto (as Phaedra), Stephen Dorff (as Stavros), Kellan Lutz (as Poseidon), Luke Evans (as Zeus), John Hurt (as Old Zeus), Daniel Sharman (as Ares)
Genre: Drama, Historical, Action, Fantasy
Filming: Filmed in Montreal, Canada from April – June 2010
Budget: $75m
Box Office: Made $226,904,017 worldwide. Took $32m on opening weekend in the US.
Runtime: 110mins


As a power-mad king razes ancient Greece in search of a legendary weapon, a heroic young villager rises up against him in a thrilling quest as timeless as it is powerful.

The brutal and bloodthirsty King Hyperion (Mickey Rourke) and his murderous Heraklion army are rampaging across Greece in search of the long lost Bow of Epirus. With the invincible Bow, the king will be able to overthrow the Gods of Olympus and become the undisputed master of his world. With ruthless efficiency, Hyperion and his legions destroy everything in their wake, and it seems nothing will stop the evil king’s mission.

As village after village is obliterated, a stonemason named Theseus (Henry Cavill) vows to avenge the death of his mother in one of Hyperion’s raids. When Theseus meets the Sybelline Oracle, Phaedra (Freida Pinto), her disturbing visions of the young man’s future convince her that he is the key to stopping the destruction. With her help, Theseus assembles a small band of followers and embraces his destiny in a final desperate battle for the future of humanity.

The Goddess of Wisdom and Zeus’ favorite daughter, Athena is her father’s trusted ally, protector and advisor. But when deadly warfare on earth threatens to destroy mankind, she defies Zeus and puts her wits to work building support for Theseus and his rebels among the divine inhabitants of Mount Olympus.


International Release Dates

Russia – November 10th 2011
US – November 11th 2011
UK – November 11th 2011
France – November 23rd 2011
Spain – November 23rd 2011
Australia – November 24th 2011
Brazil – December 23rd 2011



Immortals Immortals Immortals Immortals Immortals Immortals

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• Athena is the Greek mythological Goddess of war, civilization, wisdom, strength, strategy, craft, justice and skill in Greek mythology.
• Originally titled War of the Gods.
• The first footage from the movie will be shown at the WonderCon event, on April 2nd 2011. Isabel is expected to be in attendance alongside the director and various cast members, and they will all take part in a panel to discuss the movie.
• The film is being shot and released in 3D.
• An auction to meet Isabel at the premiere for the film was held, to benefit The Whaleman Foundation. You can bid on the auction here, and it closes on April 7th 2011.
• In September 2011 a hardcover graphic novel anthology based on the film will be released. It will “expand upon the film’s key characters and events through a series of original tales written and illustrated by some of the top names in comic.” Read more about the graphic novel here.
• Many critics have questioned why the Gods appear young, when they are traditionally shown in film as old. Director Tarsem Singh explains this by saying that the Gods are vain, and given their power they can choose what they look like, therefore they would probably choose to look like they were in their 20’s. Singh says, “If you have to be Immortal, the answer is that you want to look Immortal youthfully… They’ve been around forever. They chose to look young.”
• Isabel says that when she was a child her mum used to read to her from a book of myths, and she knew all the Gods and how they are still relevant today.
• Isabel said she took her inspiration from this film from paintings and a lot of books.
• Isabel did not have to audition for this role, Tarsem Singh just asked her to play Athena. He said that he didn’t need to meet her, he just saw her and knew she was the goddess he wanted.
• Isabel enjoyed working with Tarsem because his sets were fun, and he ran around giving everyone hugs! She admired his passion and enthusiasm, and thinks that this comes through in the film.
• Singh describes the film as “Caravaggio meets Fight Club”.
• Lily Collins also auditioned for Athena.
• When asked by an interviewer what Tarsem was like as a boss, Isabel and Tarsem joked that he was not like a boss at all, and Isabel said that he took them out for dinner all the time.
• Some re-shoots took place in April 2011, including some Athena scenes.
• Japanese actress Yuki Maomi will voice Athena in the Japanese dubbed version of the film.
• Isabel was introduced to Greek mythology at a young age, as her mother was very interested in it and often read the stories to Isabel and her sister. Back then, Isabel most identified with goddesses Persephone, Artemis and Aphrodite, but when re-reading the stories in preparation for this film, she felt most connected to Athena.
• Isabel first saw the movie a few days before WonderCon in 2011.
• Isabel liked the “sweet cafes”, restaurants and cycling in Montreal, where they filmed the movies.
• Isabel describes the way they depicted Athena in this film as “the seed of what she became”, as Tarsem encouraged Isabel to play her younger, softer and more vulnerable than Athena is usually shown in literature.
• When asked whether Tarsem Singh’s wardrobe is always as interesting to look at as his movies are, Isabel laughed and said “it’s always as colourful!”
• Isabel says that sometimes she takes “money jobs” and other times “love jobs”, but that this one was both.


Quotes From Isabel, Cast & Crew

» Isabel Lucas“That was a real challenge. The sickle training was something else.” (on filming her first stunt sequence for the film)

» Isabel Lucas“I had a lot of questions for the director. When I think about Athena, I think about Cate Blanchett in Robin Hood, a powerful woman with a really strong stance. But first and foremost, she was the goddess of wisdom. And the Athena I was playing was a much softer version.” (on her character Athena)

» Isabel Lucas“I read the script just as I was finishing a film in Australia. The script left a really powerful impact and I thought it was something really refreshing. It was based on an original concept and not a comic or a cartoon. The idea that it was from Greek mythology that the film was born is sort of the beginning of all storytelling. To go back to that is, I think, a really interesting jump.”

» Isabel Lucas“I play Athena, who was the Goddess of wisdom and Zeus’ daughter. She and the other Gods are conspiring against Zeus who is sort of their boss in a way — or who they take orders from — to intervene with the humans and help them find peaceful resolutions.”

» Isabel Lucas“Growing up, my mom used to read to me from a book of all the myths. I knew all the Gods and Goddesses and archetypes and how they’re still relevant today. The archetype being the energy of the Goddesses. One book in particular that I related to was “Goddess in Every Woman.” Pretty much most of the preparation was in reading.”

» Isabel Lucas“She’s stoic, sure. She was always around in the wartimes, providing counsel and rationale and helping strategize how to bring peaceful resolutions. How she was depicted in history was always a bit older. Maybe in her mid-30′s. Someone like Cate Blanchett, perhaps. That sort of energy that’s very wise and serious. But Tarsem’s idea was to have the Gods be a lot younger and that was sort of the seed of what they became. He encouraged me a lot to play her younger and more vulnerable. Maybe even a little bit passive, which wasn’t how we classically know Athena.” (on what her character, Athena, is like)

» Isabel Lucas“He’s a very technical and very vision-driven director, but he’s also very much an actors director and really encouraging us to explore our own individual creative styles. Very different to Michael Bay in the sense that with him you’re nearly like a chess character and you know that’s what you sign up for and with Tarsem it’s much more creative, in a way.” (on director Tarsem Singh)

» Isabel Lucas“The next film to come out is Immortals, which is released 11-11-11. I’m looking forward to it, it’s a Greek mythology epic with Mickey Rourke and Henry Cavill, it’ll be fun.”

» Isabel Lucas“It was great. I was sent the script and it was offered to me straight away. It was pretty amazing.”

» Isabel Lucas“I loved my costumes. One of them was a golden corset. It was really tight and very uncomfortable. It had a chain skirt full of necklaces and weighed about 20kg so it was really heavy to wear, but looked beautiful.”

» Isabel Lucas“My mum’s very knowledgeable about Greek mythology and all the Gods, and growing up we were introduced quite young. And I guess so from quite an early age I was always very interested and was very curious in the stories, and aware that the Gods and Goddesses represent relevant, archetypal energies that are still alive today and in current time, and I thought that was really interesting to explore.”

» Isabel Lucas“In all the mythology and the stories, Zeus and Athena are always very close, she was always the father’s daughter and very much the favourite of his children, and always by his side and always supporting him, and probably putting him on a pedestal and idolising him, in the stories.”

» Isabel Lucas“He certainly has a unqiue style, and it’s very visual. I remember the first time we all meet him, well for me I met him at the table read, and he took us after to the production office and shared all of his ideas and the way he wanted to approach different scenes, and it was really fascinating actually.” (on director Tarsem Singh)

» Isabel Lucas“We had a blast, we really formed beautiful friendships, and I think it has a lot to do with Tarsem – he was so wonderful to work with, he’s like an orchestra conductor, but a really kind one, and he’s just so full of energy, and so passionate.” (on director Tarsem Singh)

» Isabel Lucas“Freida’s a really lovely, warm, free girl, a beautiful spirit and a talented actress as well.” (on co-star Freida Pinto)

» Isabel Lucas“[This film] was incredible. The absolute highlight of my career.”

» Isabel Lucas“She’s intelligent and a powerful defender of war, but with love anad peace in her every intention.” (on her character Athena)

» Isabel Lucas“She’s so connected to her vision and her ideals and what she wants for the world, in an altruistic way, but she’s a realist and she goes after what she wants. It was encouraging to find that archetype and that energy and to feel okay with being able to be like that myself.” (on her character Athena)

» Isabel Lucas“I thought it was exciting because it’s an original concept with Greek mythology to not be based on a comic or cartoon, and so it’s taking a risk, which is very much Tarsem’s style, embracing new things and he’s very much a visual director and so there was a lot of scope for you [points to Singh] to explore that.”

» Isabel Lucas“In the end we ended up playing her a lot softer and more vulnerable than she was depicted in history. She was known for being stoic and serious and providing wisdom, and she had long brown hair and in the film I have long blonde hair and she’s lighter and more passive, in a way, than how we know her.”

» Isabel Lucas“For me they were really different experiences, working on the two sets was sort of black and white. Both Michael Bay and Tarsem are very visual directors, and went to drama school together…” [Tarsem corrects her saying it was actually film school] “… Film school, of course, and were doing student films together as well! They both have this incredible visionaire style, like can stamp their style, it’s amazing you can recognise it. And Tarsem is also not only very technical, but really amazing work with in that he’s very easy to talk to and communicate with, and he sets a very harmonious … and he runs around giving hugs to everyone and has this passion that just infects you. It was really inspiring and an enjoyable experience.” (on director Tarsem Singh, and whether working on Transformers 2, another big budget action movie, helped her with this movie)

» Isabel Lucas“I think it’s just so exciting with this film because it blends across so many genres, it’s very colourful that way, there’s war and romance and love, and drama, and it’s Greek mythology, it’s perfect, it’s going to be amazing to see.”

» Isabel Lucas“He was encouraging us to really be stripped of all statuesque, physical … as if you’re statue-like, that’s sort of how we imagine gods in a way. He really wanted us to be very human and relatable, and so body language and everything as well.” (on how Tarsem Singh wanted to depict the gods)

» Isabel Lucas“Most of the preparation that I did for the role was mostly reading, and revisiting Greek mythologies and the stories, and learning about the different archetypes, obviously especially Athena’s. Another small thing was colouring the hair – we decided to go blonde, which wasn’t classically how Athena was depicted, she’s always had brown hair. And some British accent training was another one, all the gods are British. And then there was a fair amount of stunt training and martial arts training for the final fight sequence, it was really fun, quite challenging as well but the stunt team and stunt co-ordinators were really supportive.”

» Isabel Lucas“The fight sequences were crazy. I remember the first day when I walked into the stunt department to see the sequence, the fight, that I had to learn, and it’s martial arts with sickles, so she has these little swords, and it was full-on, it was really incredible to see.”

» Isabel Lucas“Yeah, I think that training was pretty intensive. But Tarsem will tell you that it wasn’t all me. I did learn the whole choreographed fight sequence, but we did have a stunt double and she was incredible. It was all martial arts and fighting. It was actually quite difficult in that tight costume. While the costumes were amazing and helped one really embody the character, it was also limiting physically, restrictive.”

» Tarsem Singh – “The movie’s got fantastical fighting … brutal and two people in a confined space…. It’s turning into, basically, Caravaggio meets Fight Club. It’s a really hardcore action film done in Renaissance painting style.” (on the style of the film)

» Stephen Dorff“The guy’s [director Tarsem Singh] a visual master, and if you look at his reel, it’s like, “Wow, he’s unreal.” I think this is his big shot, because he hasn’t made a movie in a while since The Fall, which he paid for himself — beautiful movie, didn’t totally make a lot of sense, [but] gorgeous to look at. This one, I think, is hopefully going to deliver something that we don’t normally see from the sword-and-sandal picture, whether it be Troy or Clash of the Titans. It’s definitely in that genre, so we’re all naked and wearing leather.” (on the feel of the film)

» Stephen Dorff“I’m sure some people would’ve had a field day. I didn’t, really. I was kind of looking forward to when Isabel [Lucas] and Freida [Pinto] arrived just so we could see some girls, some people of the opposite sex.” (on all the men in the cast)

» Kellan Lutz“It was an honor to work beside the cast and crew and it just felt like I was at a different caliber as an actor.”

» Kellan Lutz“Isabel plays Athena and she’s perfect for Athena.”

» Luke Evans“I remember first meeting Isabel and thinking how beautiful she looked!”

» Luke Evans“It was a mental challenge to think of myself as being the father of Isabel Lucas. That was a very weird thing. But I just thought of my granddad, basically. I just thought, “Well, how did he talk to me as a kid?” I just sort of imbued my granddad — that’s where I went with it.”

» Tarsem Singh“Even though she comes across as childlike and naive, which is what I wanted in her relationship with her father, there is a certain hardness underneath her that is rarely visible.” (on Athena)

» Mickey Rourke“It’s just a shame I didn’t get to work with the hot blond chick, Isabel Lucas.”


Quotes From Character

Athena: “They have destroyed every holy shrine in their quest for the Epirus Bow, it is only a matter of time before they find it.”

Athena: “Forgive me father, forgive me!”

Stavros(?): “Do not stop until you reach Tartarus.”
Athena: “Hyperion will soon have the Bow. Leave.”

Athena: “If Zeus were to attack (?) you, we would come to your defense.”


Reviews “Isabel Lucas as Athena adds a nice touch of beauty to the film.”

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Isabel and some of her co-stars plus their director attended WonderCon in San Francisco in early April 2011, to present the first look at the film. On April 1st they posed for photos in front of newly unveiled posters, and on April 2nd they premiered a teaser trailer for the film before partaking in a panel Q&A.

The film was promoted at ComicCon in July, with several cast members attending. Isabel was unable to attend due to filming commitments for Loft.

In October and November 2011 Isabel was featured in and on the cover of a barrage of high profile magazines, including Jalouse, Marie Claire, Interview, Australian Vogue, ASOS, Tatler and Glamour. Each had new interviews, as well as new photoshoots which showcased Isabel in a variety of styles.

The film received it’s world premiere in Los Angeles on November 7th 2011.

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