Loft (2013)

Isabel plays Sarah Deakins


Director: Erik Van Looy
Writer: Bart De Pauw (characters), Wesley Strick (screenplay)
Co-starring: Wentworth Miller (as Luke Seacord), James Marsden (as Chris Vanowen), Eric Stonestreet (as Marty Landry), Karl Urban (as Vincent), Rachael Taylor (as Ann), Rhona Mitra (as Allison)
Genre: Thriller
Filming: Filmed in Belgium and New Orleans in June and July 2011.
Budget: $13m
Box Office:
Runtime: 108mins


5 friends who are all married and know each other very well decide to rent a loft together. In this loft they meet their mistresses. Everything is OK until one morning the body of an unknown young woman is found in the loft. The 5 friends begin to suspect each other of murder. And it becomes clear that they don’t know each other as good as they always thought.


International Release Dates

Belgium – March 28th 2012
US – August 29th 2014



Loft Loft Loft Loft

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• This is an American-Belgian re-make of the 2008 Belgian film of the same name.
• That 2008 original was also re-made in 2010 in Holland, making Isabel’s version the 3rd.
• Isabel’s character Sarah is said to be a “naive young beauty who unexpectedly comes into the lives of the five friends”.
• In July 2011 United States Ambassador to Belgium Howard Gutman hosted a dinner for the cast and crew of the film, which Isabel attended. In a brief speech, the Ambassador said that this film was an example of how US and Belgian cultural ties can be deepened, and that those working on this production were all ambassadors.
• Belgian magazine Humo provided the first look at this film in it’s July 17th 2011 issue.
• The role of Sarah was played by Marie Vinck in the original version.
• Rachael Taylor is also Australian, and starred in the first Transformers movie.


Quotes from Isabel, Cast & Crew

» Isabel Lucas“I know that it’s ridiculous, but I desperately need to work hard, even as a dead body.” (loosely translated from Belgian)

» Isabel Lucas“There’s a film I just finished shooting in Belgium, it’s called The Loft, and that was really enjoyable, it’s with James Marsden and it was a wonderful cast.”

» Isabel Lucas“Emotionally, what we were doing was quite confronting, but I felt prepared and comfortable and in the zone in those moments.”

» Isabel Lucas“There is one I did called Loft, and it’s an American remake of a Belgian film. It’s a very heady, cerebral murder mystery. It was filmed in New Orleans and in Brussels. It’s the same director who did the original. I play Sarah, and, I think I’m allowed to say this, because it’s a remake, but she’s the girl who gets murdered!”

» Isabel Lucas“It’s a great cast. I saw the original before I read the script, and I was really drawn to it. When I met Erik (Van Looy), the director, that’s when I was really certain I wanted to do it, because he was just wonderful.”

» Hilde De Laere (producer) – “The American actors are over the moon with everything they’ve experienced here so far. They’re staying in Brussels, but during their free time they enjoy going to Bruges, Antwerp or Paris, or visiting the Ghent festival.”


Quotes From Character





Some of the cast and crew attended a party for the film in July 2011, hosted by US Ambassador Howard Gutman.


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