Isabel appeared in 3 (known of) stage plays whilst she was at high school at St Monica’s College in Cairns. She would have been in her school Year 11 or 12 when she took part in them. St Monica’s College is heavily involved in the performing arts, and it’s annual musical play is seen by around 2,000 locals. Few details are available on Isabel’s stage productions, though.


The Boyfriend (2003)
Isabel played Polly Brown in this musical production by St Monica’s & St Augustine Colleges. It was directed by Lori Citraro.

A Doll’s House (2003)
Isabel played Nora in this production, which was directed by Lori Citraro at St Monica’s College. It was also made into a short-film, which Isabel featured in.

At Tess’s Grave (2003)
Isabel played Lisa-Lu (Tess’s sister) in this production, directed by Wendy Casey, at St Monica’s College.