Girlfriend – 2004

How does it feel being the new girl in Summer Bay?
I don’t really see it as that – I see as more as a new acting experience. I just feel really privileged to get this opportunity. When I auditioned I had no expectations about getting a role.

Your character doesn’t know who she is and doesn’t really speak when she first arrives…
It’s a challenging character because she’s so unusual and different. It was interesting because at first I had to express what she was feeling in other ways, like through facial expressions.

Were you disappointed not to get the role of Kit?
When I auditioned for Kit I wasn’t expecting anything. I was really flattered when I heard they created Jane Doe for me.

Were you scared moving to Sydney by yourself?
Mum and Dad came down the first week. I had a lot of time to think about it and to let it settle down. Change is a positive thing.

Who do you hang out with from the show?
Chris and Mitch – they’ve both been really helpful.

You’ve lived in Switzerland, Melbourne, Kakadu and Cairns. Where do you prefer?
I don’t have a favourite, each place is amazing. We still visit Switzerland nearly every year. My mum’s Swiss and her family’s there. I also went to school there for a term in Year 10.

Where else have you been?
I’ve also been to Africa and Italy. I love travelling. I get so inspired by the cultures and people. I’d love to go to India.

Is it true you broke up with your boyfriend when you moved to Sydney?
It was a mutual decision. We’re best friends now.

Have you been dating since you got to Sydney?
I’m just getting to know everyone and concentrating on work.

What do you look for in a guy?
Someone I can be myself with, who accepts me, doesn’t judge me and likes me for who I am. Someone genuine and fun!

Would you ask a guy out?
Yeah, I think so! Maybe more as a friend first. Just hanging out and getting to know to know them better.

You have your own formal in a couple of weeks…
Yeah, I’m really excited about seeing my friends again! My dress is a beautiful brown lace halter-neck with pale pink sparkles.

Your fantasy celeb date for your formal?
Chris Egan – he told me to say that!!