Isabel at InStyle’s Annual Summer Soiree

August 16th 2013 • by Jess • No CommentsGallery Update, Public Appearance

Isabel popped up at In Style’s Summer Soiree in Los Angeles in Tuesday! She sported her typical ethereal boho style, wearing a long cream dress with a black hat, bag and shoes. And take a look at her new pixie cut! What do you think of Isabel’s new hair and latest outfit?

HQ pics are in our Gallery for you to browse…

InStyle’s Annual Summer Soiree x13

Small content and “Careful What You Wish For” updates

August 10th 2013 • by Jess • No CommentsCareful What You Wish For, Gallery Update, Site Update

Hello Isabel fans! I’ve made some small updates to the site today, and thought I’d post to give you something new-ish to look at. Mainly, the Isabel With Other Celebrities and Style Rundown pages have been updated, and I’ve updated and/or created pages for Isabel’s 2012-2014 movies including Careful What You Wish For.

Speaking of Careful What You Wish For, I remembered I still needed to add the rest of the official set pictures to the Gallery so have done that now. I also came across a previously unseen picture of Isabel with her co-star Nick Jonas – I don’t know what or when it was taken, or who the other person with them is … but Isabel looks super pretty and glamorous! Check out these latest Careful What You Wish For additions in our Gallery by clicking the preview to the left.

Finally, for some unfortunate and unknown reason we recently lost all of our affiliates – if you were affiliated with us then please let me know (comment here/tweet/email) and/or re-apply and I will re-add you asap!

Universal Sets “The Loft” for August 29, 2014

August 7th 2013 • by Jess • No CommentsLoft

Universal Sets The Loft for August 29, 2014

Nearly a full year after the film’s trailer debuted online, Universal Pictures has announced that Erik Van Looy’s The Loft is scheduled to hit theaters on Friday, August 29, 2014.

Karl Urban (Star Trek Into Darkness) and James Marsden (2 Guns) star in the psychological thriller, which tells the story of five married guys who conspire to secretly share a penthouse loft in the city–a place where they can carry out hidden affairs and indulge in their deepest fantasies. But the fantasy becomes a nightmare when they discover the dead body of an unknown woman in the loft, and they realize one of the group must be involved. Paranoia seizes them as everyone begins to suspect one another. Friendships are tested, loyalties are questioned and marriages crumble as the group is consumed by fear, suspicion and murder in this relentless thriller.

Wentworth Miller, Eric Stonestreet, Matthias Schoenaerts, Isabel Lucas, Rachael Taylor and Rhona Mitra also star.

Coming Soon

New candids from July 26th!

August 7th 2013 • by Jess • No CommentsGallery Update

Exciting news, Isabel fans – we have new candids of our favourite Aussie! Izzy was snapped in West Hollywood a couple of weeks ago having lunch with a friend and moving some furniture. She looked her usual lovely self in a blue shirt, grey skinny jeans and a grey cardigan. The photos also give us more of a look at her new short haircut – she really has cut it off! I’m pleased to see this hasn’t affected her love of headbands though 😉 Check out the pics in our Gallery:

July 26th, West Hollywood x47

“Knight Of Cups” tidbits from cast/crew members

August 6th 2013 • by Jess • No CommentsKnight Of Cups

Isabel news is slow again, so while I was checking for any news on Knight Of Cups I came across some interviews with a couple of the cast members plus a film editor who previously worked with director Terrence Malick which I thought I’d post here. They give a bit of insight into what the film might be about. As for a release date for the film, it will probably be 2014 now.

Jason Clarke interview with IndieWire:

And what was “Knight of Cups” like?
It was just hilarious! Well Terry is a guy where you get 20 pages of dialogue, this extraordinarily in-depth dialogue, and then you’ll learn it and try and shoot it. But Terry’s not after anything that’s ordained or set up. He’s creating an environment where he just wants to capture something that’s alive.

Are you in it enough that you can’t be cut out of it?
You never know with Terrence Malick. I remember when I told Jess, she said, “Just so you know, you might not end up in the film.” There were so many people coming in and out and he’s out there doing his thing. There’s a craziness and a wonderfulness and a freedom but he’s got great motives and aspirations. He’s interested in pursuing things.

Teresa Palmer interview with IndieWire

Last week, we had the pleasure of chatting with Palmer about ‘Wish’ but of course, had to inquire about her work on Malick’s film. And what started as a schedule that wasn’t supposed to last longer than a day, turned into something much more, with Palmer being utilized to shake up the story and characters in the film.

“I was only supposed to be there for one morning and…they call it ‘torpedo’ when a character in a cast comes and gets thrown into the scene and the other actor doesn’t know that character is going to be put in the scene. That’s just the little experiment they do,” Palmer explained. “So the end of when I was supposed to go home, Terence asked me, ‘What are you doing the rest of the day?’ I was like ‘Nothing, nothing at all.’ And then he was like, ‘Would you like to stay and we’ll make you a torpedo.’ So I ended up torpedoing into these scenes with Christian Bale and then that continued on for the next eight days. So I was brought back and this character became a bigger character and I got to improvise and it was just a funny, sassy character that’s different from a lot of the other characters that I’ve seen in some of Terry’s past films.”

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Update on “Electric Slide” + new production still

July 11th 2013 • by Jess • No CommentsElectric Slide, Gallery Update

I’m a bit late on this, but Electric Slide was screened by its production company Myriad Pictures at the Cannes Film Festival a couple of months ago in order to attract distributors. No word on whether they did manage that, but there’s obviously a huge market there. To coincide with this screening, they also included their film on their websites and you can view those website pages here and here. Included in that promotion was a new still from the film, which shows Isabel and Jim in character:

Isabel in SoKo’s short film ‘Monster Love’

July 1st 2013 • by Jess • No CommentsCareer, Other Projects, Personal, Videos

Isabel makes an appearance in Los Angeles musician SoKo’s new short film entitled ‘Monster Love’. It’s a really different and unique film, and Izzy appears briefly at about 3:10 minutes in. It also features Isabel’s good friend Hannah ‘Mermaid’ Fraser. The song playing in the film is also called Monster Love, and is by Ariel Pink. Find out more about SoKo (who I presume is a friend of Isabel’s?) at her Facebook page, and read more about this film (no mention of Isabel) at

A street-stranded mermaid fends off a kitsch beast in Monster Love, a new VHS-recorded promo directed by Soko, who also stars alongside Morgan Krantz and actor, model and marine activist Hannah Fraser. Filmed in the Silverlake area of Los Angeles, the short is soundtracked by a song that shares its title, the French polymath’s brand new duet with Los Angeles’ lo-fi underground star, Ariel Pink, that will feature on her forthcoming album. “The whole thing was super DIY and felt like making a school project video with all my friends,” she says. Born in Bordeaux, Soko has starred in a number of films in her homeland, and recently attracted much acclaim in Augustine, a sensuous, César-nominated tale about a 19th-century maid consigned to an asylum. But despite her passion for acting, music remains Soko’s most cherished source of creativity. She has just released her debut album I Thought I Was an Alien in the US, which opens with the stripped-down and haunting track that also features here: “I Just Want to Make It New With You,” written with her collaborator Pink in mind. “We were friends, falling in love, but he was just out of a relationship and I—as always—was broken hearted,” the singer says of a near miss that was the catalyst for today’s film, in which she falls for the luckless protagonist. “We hadn’t shed the heaviness of our past. I imagined that after relationships, we all turn into some sort of monster, and only if we stop being monstrous will we ever be able to be real lovers again.” We got the two together to talk about recording, acting, and the logistics behind becoming a mermaid. (

Soko: Monster Love on

“The Wedding Party” available on DVD in the US

July 1st 2013 • by Jess • No CommentsThe Wedding Party

Isabel’s Aussie romantic comedy The Wedding Party was released on DVD in the US on June 19th, and you can purchase a copy at I don’t have details on the extras. Pick up a copy to see Isabel as the Russian bride Ana!

Additionally, have a competition for US residents to win a copy of the DVD.

Steve Thompson (Josh Lawson), a lovable anti-hero, is the youngest son in the gloriously flawed Thompson family. In a bid to save himself from financial ruin, Steve does the unthinkable and agrees to marry Ana (Isabel Lucas), a Russian woman seeking residency in exchange for a huge sum of cash. Behind closed doors the deal is done, a secret wedding is arranged and in no time life will be back to normal, or so Steve thinks, until a nosy family friend gets wind of the wedding plans and before sundown the whole Thompson family is gripped by wedding fever. Although Steve’s family could use some constructive therapy for their own relationships, they rally together to support Steve in preparation for the world’s most farcical wedding. What was once a private registry affair is now a fully-fledged spectacle as Steve’s lie takes on a life of its own, and he is more and more consumed by the fear that he has ruined his chance to be with his true love Jacqui (Kestie Morassi).

Isabel shows off short hair in new picture with fans

July 1st 2013 • by Jess • No CommentsOther, Style

I just stumbled across this new picture of Isabel snapped with fans in Los Angeles, and thought I’d post it here as it looks like Izzy has had her hair cut short! I wonder if it’s for a role, or if she just fancied a change? Either way, I think she looks fantastic! Click the picture below to see it in it’s original size at the Tumblr of the fan who took the pic ….

Isabel photographed for 032c magazine

June 30th 2013 • by Jess • No CommentsGallery Update, Media Alert

Isabel was recently photographed for contemporary culture magazine 032c, and the editorial can be seen in the magazine’s new Spring/Summer 2013 issue. The photographs see Isabel posing with trees in California, and she looks her typical naturally pretty self. Browse through the pics in our Gallery.

You can purchase a copy of the magazine online here.

2013 – Session #001 x5

New paintings of Isabel by Philippe added

June 19th 2013 • by Jess • No CommentsImmortals, Site Update

A big thanks goes to Philippe for today’s update – he has very kindly sent us some paintings he has done of Isabel as Athena in Immortals. I think his work is fantastic, and I particularly love the detail and colour of the two colour paintings – they are gorgeous! Have a look at them on our fanart page, and a big thanks again to Philippe for letting us display his work:

Video clip from the set of “Careful What You Wish For”

May 23rd 2013 • by Jess • No CommentsCareful What You Wish For, Videos

Here is another short video clip from the set of Careful What You Wish For. Again, it autoplays and goes on repeat, so watch out!

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