Isabel answers fan question on the set of “Careful What You Wish For”

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A very beautiful Isabel answers a fan question on the set of Careful What You Wish For, saying that her favourite things to do off-set are reading, playing guitar, and using her ipod. The video plays on a loop and I can’t change that, so you may want to turn the sound off after a few listens 😉

New fan photos from “Careful What You Wish For” set

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Here are a couple of new, fan-taken photos from the set of Careful What You Wish For:

“The Wedding Party” Film Screencaptures

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The Wedding Party is available to buy on DVD in Australia, and I have now been able to add screencaptures from the film to our Gallery. They are small captures, but this is all we can get for the moment. Isabel has a fairly large role in the film, and put in a good performance as Ana … probably one of my favourite’s of hers actually! The film is a fun Aussie romantic comedy and I’d recommend watching it if you can.

Browse through the screencaptures in our Gallery:

The Wedding Party > Film Screencaptures x397

New photo from the “Careful What You Wish For” set

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Twitpic of Isabel on set of “Careful What You Wish For” yesterday

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New Gallery layout & small update

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A few days after I put up our pretty new layout here, I also put up a new layout in the Gallery! It almost matches the one here, except Flor used a different picture from the photoshoot … a photoshoot I can’t get enough of!

We have a few new gallery additions tonight – mostly photoshoots, including two that I hadn’t seen before, one of which is a super gorgeous, ethereal shot. Click the thumbnails at the bottom of this post to go to our Last Uploads page to see all of today’s uploads.

All Latest Uploads
2011 – Session #005
2010 – Session #007
Unknown – #015
2012 – Session #002

“Careful What You Wish For” starts filming

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Isabel’s new movie Careful What You Wish For started filming in Charlotte, North Carolina earlier this week, and it looks as if there has been lots going on on the set already! The official Twitter for the film – @CWYWF – have been tweeting from the set with details on scenes and cast members. Isabel has been on set and several fan-taken photos of her have emerged online … they seem to be all over the place so unfortunately I don’t know who took them – if any of these are your photos then please get in touch so I can credit you for them or remove them if you’d prefer. Isabel looks glamourous, with blonde hair and red lips! It’s great to see her filming another new movie, and I’m already intrigued by the mystery in the story!

There is an official website for the film up at, an official Twitter at @CWYWF, and the director can be followed at @thisislizallen.

Filming will continue in Cornelius, Huntersville, Davidson, Mooresville, Belmont and Lake Norman, and is expected to last til May 22nd.

Check out the fan-taken photos of Isabel on the set of Careful What You Wish For in our Gallery:

Award-Winning Documentary “Minds in the Water” to be Released on DVD and On Demand November 13

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Award-Winning Documentary ‘Minds in the Water’ to be Released on DVD and On Demand November 13

Saltwater Collective announced today that MINDS IN THE WATER will be released on DVD and On Demand November 13, 2012. The award winning documentary features Hayden Panettiere, Isabel Lucas, Howie Cook, Chris Del Moro, and Captain Paul Watson, with a soundtrack by Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jack Johnson, and Xavier Rudd. Follow the quest of professional surfer Dave Rastovich and his friends to protect dolphins, whales and the oceans they all share. Through Dave’s journey–a five-year adventure spanning the globe from Australia to the Galapagos, Tonga, California, Alaska and Japan–we see one surfer’s quest to activate his community to help protect the ocean and its inhabitants.

Minds in the Water is a film that resonates with audiences all over the globe and from all walks of like. The Huffington Post calls it a “beautifully and brilliantly directed” film while Surfer Magazine says that it’s “Truly Inspiring.” The film has appeared in numerous festivals, where it has won Best Film accolades in categories such as Best Documentary, Films that Matter, Audience Appreciation, and Best Environmental Film. Aside from film festivals, it also has the support of some of the both Action Sports and Ocean-minded communities alike.


DVD Bonus Material:
Minds in the Water Trailer
‘Making of the documentary’ interview with Director Justin Krumb
Deleted scenes – Tonga – The tale of the mermaid and swimming with humpback whales
Deleted scenes – Galapagos – A connection to Darwin
Deleted scenes – Australia – Surfing Lennox Heads
Surfers for Cetaceans PSA

Nick Jonas talks “Careful What You Wish For” to MTV

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Nick Jonas Ready To Make You ‘Uncomfortable’ In New Thriller

Nick Jonas is ready to get all hot and bothered with Isabel Lucas for his upcoming film project, “Careful What You Wish For.” And by the sound of it, he’s going to make the audience feel a bit heated under the collar as well.

“I play a guy named Doug Martin. It’s an interesting movie; really intense sort of sexy thriller with a lot of twists and turns,” he told MTV News on Wednesday during the “Live From MTV” with the Jonas Brothers. The movie revolves around Jonas’ Doug and Lucas’ Lena, who find themselves caught up in an affair of the heart… and the body. But, it takes a turn for the worse when her hubby winds up dead.

He heads to North Carolina this week to begin filming the movie, directed by Elizabeth Allen (“Aquamarine,” “The Vampire Diaries,” “Life Unexpected”) and he shared it’s a great breakout role for him. “It’s a great acting role. It’s something I can really dive into and sort of lose myself in and become this person for a little while, which is exciting,” the 20-year-old added. “And I think it’ll be a movie that keeps people on the edge of their seats and makes them uncomfortable and excited. It’ll be good.”

And he confirms that, yes, there will be some sexy times. “There’s a couple of those [types of scenes] too. It’s a good film and a really interesting story,” he said.

Oh, and by the way, expect a new look from the singer/actor. In addition to stepping out of his comfort zone as a performer in “Careful,” he also revealed that he will be growing out his hair for the movie, “but it takes a little bit of time. So, be patient.”

“The Wedding Party” US Premiere

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It seems The Wedding Party is getting a bit more promotion in the US, as a premiere for it was held in Los Angeles earlier this month. Isabel and director Amanda Jane were both in attendance, with Isabel looking pretty in a black sequinned jacket and red top (can’t see the bottom half unfortunately!). At first sight I thought she’d cut her hair short, but she’s actually just got it cleverly tied back. Whilst on the red carpet Isabel spoke of her delight at the film getting this premiere, saying:

“This is really special and I’m delighted to be here. It feels great for The Wedding Party to be picked up in the States. We all felt passionate about the script, and it’s wonderful that Film Festival Flix takes Indy, underdog films. This really was a love project for us.” have a short article about the event which you can read at their site. It seems to have been a low key premiere, but I’ve managed to find 7 photos from it for you, and you can see them in our Gallery – Isabel is all smiles!

“The Wedding Party” US Premiere x7

HQ Photos from the Summit On The Summit Photo Exhibition

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Big thanks to our friend DeA for sending us some lovely high quality photos from the recent SOTS Photo Exhibition that Isabel attended!

Summit On The Summit’s World Water Day Photo Exhibit x9 more

New candids of Isabel in LA in March

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We’ve had a major lack of candids in the last few months, but by chance I have just found some new ones! Isabel was snapped walking in Studio City, Los Angeles at the end of March, wearing a little red dress, grey cardigan and her favourite headband. Check out the pics in our Gallery (and if you re-post them on Tumblr then please be nice and give us a credit link ;-))…

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